10 Health massage benefits ? 

What are the massage benefits

Massage helps with all the below

A massage session is your ' Me time' enabling you to disconnect from the world and focus on restoring your wellbeing in a short time.

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The 5 best oils for Massage Therapy ? 

Which massage oil is best

There are lots of massage oils available and all are natural. See below a shortlist

Contains Vitamin E that moistures the skin and delays aging. 

Has a sweet smell with anti-inflammatory properties perfect for chronic skin issues 

Helps with muscle and joint inflammation. A great moisturiser that helps reduce stress

Will make your skin glowing and regenerate skin cells 

Helps reducing wrinkles and damaged caused to the skin

Deep Tissue massage vs. Relaxing massage 

Deep Tissue massage helps with muscle pain and knots caused by exercise or bad posture. Techniques such elbow, forearms and knuckles are used to apply maximum pressure for effective tension release.

Relaxing massage involves applying long strokes such as effleurage  or kneading with medium pressure.  Most people prefer a relaxing massage to unwind or some pampering

Reflexology as alternative or complimentary treatment

Many people use Reflexology as alternative therapy to treat their health issues. It may help with anxiety, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, headaches, kidney function, PMS, flu and sinusitis.

Each part of the feet theoretically corresponds to an organ or a muscle. Applying pressure on the pressure point may treat conditions and also stimulate the nervous system

How massage can help with your relationship 

Body touch stimulates hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin

After a massage, you will keep releasing these 'happy' hormones making you feel rejuvenated and relaxed

Massaging your partner on a regular basis will help  him / her unwind and reduce stress levels. A great way to keep the intimacy going as well

Top 10 Massage types